Updates for 2018

It’s been a while.

No new mixes yet but two of my old posts have been updated. There has been quite the resurgence in jungle music lately. A big part of this has been fuelled by the release of a large number of previously unreleased tracks from the golden era of the mid-90s. There are loads of these about now and it’s absolutely brilliant. So…

The legendary Legend Records post has been updated given that MJazz have recently released the long lost Q Project tune Guitar Thing. Check it.

And I’ve also updated the Red Light post as Deep Jungle are killing it with loads of fresh/old cuts, including two releases so far of unearthed Red Light tunes. Banging.

It’s a slight faff digging out the old mixes and getting the new tunes in there but there is a strange pleasure in it.

Enjoy, G.

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