All Mixes

Boombastic Plastic
All releases on Boombastic Plastic – Jason Cambridge (DJ A-Sides) and Jan Salisbury’s hardcore and jungle label 92-94.

Cybotron Records
All releases on Cybotron – one of Dillinja’s early jungle labels.

Dark Horse Records
All releases on Dark Horse –  Jim Polo and Neil Vass’ jungle label 93-94.

DnB Classics Mix from 2003
This is not a label mix. Just a live set I played in 2003. Loads of anthems from the time.

Face Records
All releases on Face Records – Pascal and Sponge’s darkside jungle label around 93.

Future Vinyl
All releases on Future Vinyl – Subnation’s jungle label 93-96.

Gyroscope Records
All releases on Gyroscope – hardcore and jungle label ran out of Blackmarket Records in London.

Legend Records
All releases on Legend Records – cornerstone deep jungle label ran by DJ Gwange and Total Science from 93-96.

Philly Blunt Records
All releases on Philly Blunt until 1997 – Bryan Gee and Jumping Jack Frost’s classic jungle label.

Planet Earth Records
All releases on Planet Earth – Lemon D’s jungle label before he went to Metalheadz.

Ram Records (the sheep years)
All releases on Ram Records 92-96, until the logo changed. Set up by Andy C and Ant Miles.

Red Light
All releases on Red Light, Shut Up and Dance’s ragga jungle label 94-95.

Ruff Quality Recordings
All releases on Ruff Quality, Shut Up and Dance’s experimental hardcore label circa 1992.

All releases on Soapbar – hardcore and jungle label 92-94. Part ran by DJ Spice.

Straight From The Bedroom
All releases on Straight From The Bedroom – Noise Factory’s jungle side-project in 1993.

One thought on “All Mixes

  1. Stunna says:

    All these mixes are gold 🙂 Nice work!!

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