I’m GFT. I live in London, UK. Hit me up on Twitter @GFTSonic or follow my Soundcloud.

On this website I choose old and crusty hardcore and jungle record labels, then I make a mix of every single track ever released on those labels.

Sometimes I might skip tracks that never made it to full release… ie tunes that appeared only on dub, test press or promo. Because money.

Check out all the mixes so far.

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One thought on “About

  1. Lydia Luo says:

    ​Hi herecomethedrums,

    I’m Lydia from Aeroband, we found your blog via Google. It’s very cool and popular, and we really appreciate it.
    Aeroband is a company focusing on creating air instruments. We’ve produced pocketguitar and pocketdrum, which enable people to enjoy playing music anytime and anywhere. I think it perfectly fits the topic of your website. More product info is on our company’s website (https://aeroband.net/).

    I’m wondering whether you’re interested in doing some product tests for our company on your web, we’d love to build a long-term cooperation with you.

    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Have a nice day!


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