DnB Classics mix for 2014

So after 4 months of no decks I finally have everything unpacked again after the house move, and as everyone with a lot of shit knows, moving can be a bitch. But we’re all sorted now and ready to make up lost time.

As a consolation/apology for the unexpected gap, I’ve made a mix of all of the tunes I immediately grabbed once I got everything to order. It’s a big mix of dnb classics, new bits, odd bits, whatever… total anthem-bashing but I don’t give a fuck. At least I didn’t double drop Mr Happy :/

We’re back with the full labels next post. I know I promised some dnb for that one, but I’m not sure I can resist waking up back in the jungle after today’s mix. We will see!

Oh, and shout outs to Need For Mirrors and Bailey for the thoroughly excellent Soul In Motion club night they are running every second Wednesday here in London-town. I have been along several times in the last few months and the lineups are always top class. Best thing is, it’s free (!) and it finishes at the entirely civilised hour of 1am. Check it out if you’re about! No excuses.

Peace, G.


The Mix

Download MP3 320kbps 118mins


There might be mistakes here, but u get the picture…

Dom & Roland – Outa Endz
Cern – Nostromo
>Sub Focus – Stomp
Siren – Snorkel
Ram Trilogy – Gridlock (Break Remix)
> Digital & Spirit – Backlash remix
Blu Mar Ten – Half the Sky
> Fresh – Heavyweight
Spectrasoul – Fly Away With Me (Calibre Remix)
Survival & Silent Witness – Noise 3
Photek – Age of Empires
Shy FX & UK Apache – Original Nuttah (Aphrodite VIP)
> Wilkinson – Moonwalker
Dillinja – I Wanna Know
> Die – Clear Skyz
DJ Ink – Murder Inc (Twisted Anger rmx)
Ram Trilogy – Mind Overload
Trace – Sonar (Ed Rush & Optical rmx)
Boymerang – Still
Bad Company – Four Days
Loadstar – Bomber
Sigma – All Blue
> TC – Where’s My Money
Noisia – Diplodocus
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Cutslo
> Fre4knc – Tellurian
Outlook – Clouds
Noisia & The Upbeats – Dustup
> Souljah – Fade 2 Black
> Ed Rush & Optical – Compound
D Kay & DJ Lee – Tuning
> Digital – Deadline
Nasty Habits – Shadowboxing (Om Unit remix)
Audio – Sratosphere
> Instra:Mental – No Future
Dom & Roland – Cant Punish Me
> Rockwell – Back Again
Studio Pressure – Presha XIII
DJ Hazard – Time Tripping
> Dillinja – Thugged Out Bitch
DJ Zinc – Casino Royale
Kemal – Mechanizm
Dylan – Need You
> Loadstar – Link to the Past
Tech Itch – The Rukus
Gridlok & Prolix – Revenge
> Wots My Code – Dubplate (Total Science rmx)
Noisia – Block Control
Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids
Kemal & Rob Data – Gene Sequence
> Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Matrix rmx)
> Noisia – Facade
Spor – Aztec
> Rymetyme & Trace – Move VIP
Digital & Spirit – Ras 78
Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds – Hide the Tears Rmx
> Future Prophecies – Dreadlock
Kemal & Rob Data – Bleed
Black Sun Empire – Arrakis (Noisia Rmx)
Gridlok & Prolix – Sociopath
> Capone – Tudor Rose
Phil Tangent – Lunar
> Ed Rush, Trace, Fierce, Nico, & Optical – Edtrafienical
Amit – Gatecrasher
Digital – Waterhouse Dub
Nasty Habits – Here Come the Drumz (Breakage rmx)
> Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds – Hide the Tears
Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force

One thought on “DnB Classics mix for 2014

  1. […] of those rare “not a label mix” posts as a belated holiday season gift for you all. The last one I did was waaay back in 2014. This month’s mix is a personal favourite of mine – a set […]

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